Photograph by Aaron Dougherty

Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas, by Morphosis Architects, 2012. When looking closely at the buildings of Thom Mayne and Morphosis Architects, it's possible to see simple forms that are then violated through cuts and complicated by the ...Read More

Photograph by ..., courtesy Bercy Chen Studio

Cascading Creek House in Austin, Texas by Bercy Chen Studio, 2011. While not as common as rectangular or even L-shaped plans, there is something to be said for Y-shaped house plans. They create an outdoor space, like L-shape plans, but ones ...Read More

Photograph by Patrick Wong, courtesy Universal Joint

Grover Residence in Austin, Texas by Universal Joint Design, 2011. Elsewhere I've documented residential architecture that incorporates cantilevered upper floors, a rarity, even within the realm of modern/contemporary architecture. Cantilevers are expensive (extra structure, cladding, insulation, etc.) and formally extravagant, but ...Read More

Photograph by Chuck Smith Photography

Urban Reserve 22 in Dallas, Texas by Vincent Snyder Architects, 2007. While the Houses at Sagaponac -- a development of over thirty modern houses on Long Island spearheaded by the late Harry J. "Coco" Brown Jr. and curated by Richard Meier ...Read More

Project... Photograph by Michael Moran.

Five Projects by Rafeal Moneo. The following quotes are pulled from the book reviewed this week, Rafael Moneo: Remarks on 21 Works by Moneo and published by The Monacelli Press. The photographs are courtesy Michael Moran, from the same book. Completed in ...Read More

Photograph by Tom Fox

Buffalo Bayou Promenade in Houston, Texas by SWA, 2006. This project by SWA, as documented in their recent monograph Landscape Infrastructure, converted "a neglected, trash-soaked eyesore, challenged by entangled infrastructure of freeways and bridges, into a multifaceted urban park." It is ...Read More

Nasher Sculpture Center Handbook

Nasher Sculpture Center Handbook edited by Steven A. Nash Nasher Sculpture Center, 2003 Paperback, 189 pages The Nasher Sculpture Center ...Read More

Austin Theaterr

Austin Theater in Austin, Texas by Miró Rivera Architects, 2000. When Miró Rivera Architects approached the renovation of the ...Read More

The Chinati Foundation

The Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas by Donald Judd. The following text and images are from The Chinati Foundation, located on the ...Read More

Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas by Louis I. Kahn, 1972. Space is not a space unless you can see the evidence of how it was made. -Louis I. Kahn Louis Kahn's client, for what was to become his most famous ...Read More