New Museums in China cover

New Museums in China by Clare Jacobson Princeton Architectural Press, 2013 Hardcover, 241 pages As of 2013 there are supposedly 3,500 museums in China. This is about 1,000 more than two years before that, but still only roughly 20% of the number of ...Read More

Guide to NYC Urban Landscapes cover

Art Parks: A Tour of America's Sculpture Parks and Gardens by Francesca Cigola Princeton Architectural Press, 2013 Paperback, 224 pages Guide to New York City Urban Landscapes by Robin Lynn and Francis Morrone, with photography by Edward A. Toran W. W. Norton, 2013 Paperback, 288 ...Read More

Le Corbusier Redrawn cover

Le Corbusier Redrawn: the Houses by Steven Park Princeton Architectural Press, 2012 Paperback, 240 pages The value of precedents in architectural education is undeniable. Even as innovation in form-making is still championed by the press and many architects, most of what is designed ...Read More

Citizens of No Place

Citizens of No Place: An Architectural Graphic Novel by Jimenez Lai Princeton Architectural Press, 2012 Paperback, 144 pages Increasingly, buildings are not the sole medium by which architects are defined. Many architects, for various reasons, gravitate toward installations, tactical urbanism, and even words ...Read More

Writing About Architecture

Writing About Architecture: Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities by Alexandra Lange Princeton Architectural Press, 2012 Paperback, 160 pages A couple weeks ago the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects assembled five architecture critics from prominent publications to investigate ...Read More

The Wayfinding Handbook

The Wayfinding Handbook: Information Design for Public Spaces by David Gibson Princeton Architectural Press, 2009 Paperback, 152 pages In graduate school I analyzed Martha Schwartz's design for Jacob Javits Plaza in Lower Manhattan, a public space defined by curling, bright green benches. Part ...Read More

The Architectural Detail

The Architectural Detail by Edward R. Ford Princeton Architectural Press, 2011 Paperback, 336 pages Following 2009's Five Houses, Ten Details, architect/educator Edward R. Ford broadens his scope of investigation on his favorite topic: the architectural detail. The earlier book looked at five iterations ...Read More

Matter in the Floating World

Matter in the Floating World: Conversations with Leading Japanese Architects and Designers by Blaine Brownell Princeton Architectural Press, 2011 Paperback, 256 pages The arrival of this book in the mail happened not long before a 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, ...Read More

Micro Green and Narrow Houses

Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature by Mimi Zeiger Rizzoli, 2011 Hardcover, 224 pages Narrow Houses: New Directions in Efficient Design by Avi Friedman Princeton Architectural Press, 2010 Hardcover, 240 pages A common way to collect and present designs of contemporary architecture in book form is ...Read More

The Liberal Monument

The Liberal Monument: Urban Design and the Late Modern Project by Alexander D'Hooghe Princeton Architectural Press and the Berlage Institute, 2010 Hardcover, 112 pages At the end of Alexander D'Hooghe's 100-page manifesto-like book "that challenges all of the accepted truths of urban design" ...Read More