Photo courtesy Marcus O'Reilly Architects

Red Stair Amphitheatre in Melbourne, Australia by Marcus O'Reilly Architects. Rising from Queensbridge Square, a public space along the Southbank Promenade of the Yarra River in Melbourne, is a red stair that serves as a beacon, an amphitheater, and a place ...Read More

School of Botany

School of Botany in Melbourne, Australia by Lyons Architects, 2004. The University of Melbourne School ...Read More

Mawson Lakes School

Mawson Lakes School in Mawson Lakes, Australia by Russell & Yelland Architects, 2004. The following images and text are courtesy ...Read More

Deep Creek Cabins

Deep Creek Cabins in Delamere, Australia by Max Pritchard. Being a sole practitioner, South Adelaide's Max Pritchard designs two to ...Read More

photograph courtesy Lab Architecture Studio

Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia by Lab Architecture Studio, 2002. The following text and images (click for larger views) are ...Read More

Bowral House

Bowral House in New South Wales, Australia by Glenn Murcutt, 2001. Featured is the Bowral House in Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia by 2002 Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate ...Read More

Future Shack

Future Shack by Sean Godsell, 2001. Seeing one of the roles of first-world, democratic countries as humanitarian, ...Read More

National Wine Centre of Australia

National Wine Centre of Australia in Adelaide, Australia by Grieve Gillett and Cox Architects. Located in Adelaide, Australia, the National Wine ...Read More

Melbourne City Link

Melbourne City Link in Melbourne, Australia by Denton Corker Marshall. The following text and images are by Aussie architects Denton ...Read More