Cover of 10 Stories of Collective Housing

10 Stories of Collective Housing: Graphical Analysis of Inspiring Masterpieces by a+t research group a+t, 2013 Paperback, 496 pages Spain's a+t separates its output into magazines and books, with titles in each often fitting into series. The last of the books I reviewed ...Read More

a+t 38: Strategy and Tactics

a+t 38: Strategies and Tactics in Public Space edited by Aurora Fernández Per, Javier Mozas a+t, 2012 Paperback, 176 pages The third installment in a+t's Strategy series takes aim at an increasingly popular subset of architectural design: tactical urbanism, D.I.Y. urbanism, provisional urbanism, ...Read More

Strategy Space

a+t 37: Strategy Space a+t, 2011 Paperback, 168 pages Strategy Space is the second installment in Spanish publisher a+t's Strategy series -- the first, Strategy Public is reviewed here, and a review of the third, Strategy and Tactics in Public Space, is forthcoming. ...Read More

Density Is Home

Density Is Home: Housing by a+t Research Group by Aurora Fernández Per, Javier Mozas, Javier Arpa a+t, 2011 Paperback, 400 pages The latest in a+t's Density Series -- following Density, Density Projects, DBOOK, HoCo, and NEXT -- extends the collection of remarkable collective housing, ...Read More

Immaterial World and a+t 36

Immaterial World: Transparency in Architecture by Mark Kristal Monacelli Press, 2011 Hardcover, 216 pages a+t 36: Strategy Public edited by Javier Mozas & Aurora Fernandez Per a+t, 2010 Paperback, 320 pages As I've mentioned on my web pages numerous times when reviewing books, collections ...Read More

Growing Urban Habitats and HoCo

Growing Urban Habitats: Seeking a New Housing Development Model by William R. Morrish, Susanne Schindler, Katie Swenson William ...Read More


DBOOK: Density, Data, Diagrams, Dwellings, edited by Javier Mozas & Aurora Fernandez Per a+t architecture publishers, 2007 Collections ...Read More