A weekly dose of architecture looks at contemporary architectural works with architectural and/or cultural significance. The broad focus of the articles is the ideas embedded within the works.

The "doses" are split into two broad categories: projects (buildings, landscapes, installations, etc.) and books (monographs, contemporary collections, etc.) with further categorization allowing exploration within particular building and book types. Tags allow visitors to search by architect, city, state, country and theme.

Typically the doses will be posted on Mondays. Links are provided to architecturally significant sites around the internet, including relevant links within each article, if available. Comments or suggestions on these pages and the articles within are appreciated.

Unless otherwise noted all articles are written by, and are copyright of, John Hill, graduate of Kansas State University and City College of New York, currently living and working in New York City.

If you'd like to submit a project for consideration or a book for review please contact me.